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Eye Exams

The CDC recommends regular eye exams every year or two at an optical boutique. If you are experiencing any issues with your eyes such as decreased vision, pain, redness, halos, floaters, etc then it’s time to make an appointment. Exams are simple and painless. Call one of our 4 locations to set up an appointment today.


If you need eyeglasses, Specs Fair has a wide variety. We offer thorough eye examinations that give you the most accurate eyeglasses prescription. If you are someone who is looking at a computer screen a lot, then it is time to invest in anti glare glasses to avoid any future problems.

Contact Lens Fitting

The goal of our optometrists is to give you the best VISION and COMFORT possible!! There are many options in contact lenses and we can fit dailies, multifocals, RGPs, and many more. Contacts can be life changing and everyone should have the chance to try them.

Scleral Contact Lenses

Dr. Shealy and Dr. Joe have had great success fitting irregular corneas with schleral contact lenses. If you suffer from keratoconus, corneal scarring, corneal transplants, and Dry Eye you must try these lenses. They are larger lenses that create a tear-filled vault over the cornea for added comfort.

Digital Retinal Imaging (Optos)

According to a great optometrists this great technology gives a very detailed image of your retina so we can compare all future visits to the picture we take on the day of your exam. The retina changes very slowly and retinal imaging is a great help in diagnosis pathology and changes.

Red Eye/ Emergency

Don’t go to urgent care!!!  Call one of our offices and we will see you the same day. Red eyes can represent anything from a Vision Threatening infection to Allergy eyes. We can treat them all, and on the same day that you call.


This painless disease can blind you without warning. By the time a patient notices visual field changes it is too late to treat the disease. We look for signs of glaucoma during every routine examination by the optometrists.


The natural lens in the eye gradually becomes less clear as we get older. When opacities develop in the lens and the lens gets too hazy, vision will be impaired. Our office can diagnose and manage cataract care. When the cataract affects the vision to the extent that you cannot read or see distant objects comfortably, we will recommend cataract surgery. Our office co-manages with cataract specialists that are proven experts in cataract surgery. Cataract surgery can provide you with a bright new world of vision.

Post Surgical After Care

Lowcountry Eye Care can follow and monitor you after care for post surgical procedures such as Cataract Surgery.

Diabetic Exams

Diabetes is the leading cause of blindness in the United States!!!  It can be prevented with annual eye exams and proper Blood Sugar Management. Lowcountry Eye Care works closely with Endocrinologist and Primary Care doctors to provide the best care.

Complimentary adjustments, repairs and cleanings

Stop in anytime, you don’t need an appointment. We fix or clean up your glasses for FREE. This includes frames, nose pad repairs, adjustments and fittings.

Contact Lens Orders

For your convenience, contact lenses can be delivered to your home when you order an annual supply. We will buy back any unopened boxes within three months of ordering them through us.


We have doctors too and understand that it is not only easy to get to them during the day. For this reason we are open late on Wednesday nights. We also can block time for a whole family appointment, eliminating multiple trips to the optometrist for each family member.

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