Contact Lens Exams & Fittings
at Lowcountry Eye Care

If you want clear vision without carrying around glasses or committing to surgery, contact lenses could be the versatile solution for you. A contact lens exam from Lowcountry Eye Care will give our experts the specifications to help you select the perfect brand and style of contacts from our extensive selection!

Woman receiving contact lens exam at Lowcountry Eye Care

You Should Be Confident & Comfortable in Your Contacts

After we take our time to conduct your contact lens eye exam, you can rest assured we’ll provide you with lens options that are:

  • Suited to your vision needs
  • Customized to your lifestyle
  • Comfortable and fit to your eyes
  • Easy to use and care for
  • A breeze to order
  • Protected by warranty

Why Choose Lowcountry Eye Care
for Your Contacts?

We’re dedicated to providing diverse solutions for your unique eyes. And to that end, we offer a range of contact lenses — from disposable dailies to specialty lenses that accommodate eye conditions — so you’ll always have the comfortable clarity you need. When paired with our personal, detail-oriented approach, our eye care team can deliver an outstanding contact lens experience.

What Can I Expect from My Contact Lens Exam & Fitting?

Come to Lowcountry Eye Care to receive a comprehensive contact lens exam, a precise fitting, and go home the same day with a tailored prescription and full picture of your vision health!

Your Contact Lens Exam

Our attentive doctors treat you like family and talk you through every component of your contact lens exam. As they make sure you’re comfortable and educated, they’ll use industry-leading technology to analyze your eyes. And once they’ve taken their measurements and gotten to know you, they’ll take your hobbies and eye health history into account to recommend the best contact lenses for you.

Your Contact Lens Fitting

Like a tailor sizing garments to a client, our team will ensure your contacts perfectly fit your eyes’ distinct shape. Through a one-on-one approach, we’ll provide you with lens styles and brands to try based on your needs. Then, with an expert by your side as your guide, you can test the lenses’ feel and function, and see their benefits for yourself before ordering!

Contact Lenses & Fittings

Contact Lens Options, Annual Discounts, & Warranties

No one should have to deal with uncomfortable or imprecise eyewear. That’s why we carry contact lenses of all shapes and sizes, including for diseased or hard-to-fit eyes. We make wearing, ordering, and replacing contact lenses easy, with plenty of patient perks!

contact lenses available at Lowcountry Eye Care

Specialty & Scleral Lenses

For dry eye, corneal scarring, keratoconus, or anything in between, our specialty lenses provide relief from your symptoms and excellent vision for a better quality of life!

contact lenses available at Lowcountry Eye Care

A Year’s Supply of Contact Lenses!

With our customizable ordering options and warranties, you can get a year of contacts backed by a quality guarantee, so you’re never without great lenses again!

What Our Patients Say...

Quote Icon“I cannot say enough good things about all the professionals at this excellent practice. LowCountry Eye Care has state of the art technology and solved an ongoing vision problem previously misdiagnosed. They also have a great lab, excellent frames, and full service.”
– Susan

Testimonial Susan
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Quote Icon“I haven’t been to an optometrist in several years until recently. The doctors and staff were welcoming and helpful. I felt like they listened to my concerns and answered all of my questions. They helped me pick out new frames and got them in quickly. They were thorough during the exam and I was in and out in under 45 minutes. Highly recommend!”
– Stephen

Testimonial Stephen
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Quote Icon“Love this office. The doctor is great and addresses all of your concerns and talks you through his findings. The front staff is also amazing, they help find the best deals and keep you updated on your order. Seriously have the best customer service around!”
– Claire

Testimonial Claire
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