Eye Insurance

At Lowcountry Eye Care Center, we accept Eye Insurance–including both Vision Insurance and Medical Insurance.

Medical Insurance
Medical insurance generally covers ocular steroids and even medical eye exams related to complaints ranging from redness and allergies to cataracts and glaucoma.  They will not cover materials such as glasses and contacts.  Please be prepared to pay your specialist co-pay for your visit and any deductible or co-insurances that have not been met.

We currently accept among other:

Blue Cross Blue Shield First Choice Tricare
Blue Choice Absolute Total Care United Healthcare
Cigna Aetna  
Medicaid Humana  
Medicare Care Improvement Plus  
Vision Insurance
Routine eye exams with a vision related complaints are covered by your vision insurance. More times than not your vision insurance does NOT give you a card. Please ask your insurance company or HR department if you have routine vision coverage and what the name of the vision insurance company. We can easily access your plan benefits if you provide the insurance companies name and sponsors social security number.

We currently accept:

Vision Service Plan (VSP) Tricare Cigna
EyeMed BlueChoice Vision  First Choice (Kids)
Davis Vision Superior Vision Vision Benefits of America
BlueVision  Molina  (Kids
Physician Eye Care Plan Absolute Total Care
Care Credit
To help with co-pays we offer Care Credit. Care credit offers 6 months, zero interest on most purchases. Please ask how to apply.


Annual Supplies of Contacts
Discounted Price, less than 1-800-Contacts Free Shipping
Free replacements if a lens is ripped 20%-Off Sunglasses
2nd Pair of Sunglasses 50% off
Both pairs need to include No Glare Coating and can only be combined with some insurance companies.
Lowcountry Eye Care insurance