Pediatric Eye Exams
at Lowcountry Eye Care

At Lowcountry Eye Care, we love working with kids and we have the expertise to treat them right! As many of us are parents ourselves, we know the how to connect with your little one and make their pediatric eye exam comfortable and engaging.

Pediatric Eye Exam in Lowcountry Eye Care

What Is a Pediatric Eye Exam?

A pediatric eye exam is a comprehensive check-up for your child’s eyes that provides a total evaluation of their vision, eye health, and development. We scan your child’s eye inside and out, checking for age-related conditions ranging from myopia (nearsightedness) to amblyopia (lazy eye).

Your child can receive their first pediatric eye exam for free at six months old from one of our InfantSEE® optometrists. After that, you should bring your child in for an eye exam at ages 3, 5, and then every two years after if no issues are detected, so we can monitor your child’s eyes for disease and vision changes.

Eye exams with a general pediatrician

Why Do Children Need Eye Exams?

Children’s eyes are constantly growing, so keeping an eye on their eye health is very important. In addition to uncomfortable symptoms that can get in the way of living life, eye issues hinder your child’s social and academic performance, so they may fall behind in development. To keep your child seeing clear, schedule regular pediatric eye exams!

Are eye exams with a general pediatrician enough?

Vision screenings at your child’s primary care doctor are helpful, but lack the specialization and dedicated equipment to thoroughly check your child’s eyes. As such, up to 60% of children with vision problems slip through the cracks. Our child-specific exams provide a complete picture of your child’s eye health and vision needs.

Does your child know what clear vision looks like?

A child struggling with a vision or eye condition often doesn’t know how to express that they’re having trouble, or know their experience is out of the ordinary! Many of the conditions we specifically seek out — such as strabismus (crossed eyes) and amblyopia (lazy eye) — have symptoms like rubbing the eyes, squinting, watery eyes, and headaches that may otherwise get attributed to other causes.

Why Choose Lowcountry Eye Care for Pediatric Eye Exams?

The Lowcountry Eye Care team is passionate and dedicated to protecting children’s vulnerable eyes so they can grow up happy and healthy — that’s why parents love us! We take our time to connect with your family on a personal level and keep you involved throughout your child’s care. And thanks to our advanced, child-friendly technology, we can provide a detailed breakdown of your child’s eyes and guidance through next steps.

Hear From Our Patients About Our Care!

quote markEveryone was friendly. It was my first visit and I felt comfortable with the Dr and technicians. I’m anxious to try my new glasses.

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quote mark  “Amazing staff, there was a miss communication with my appointment and they squeezed me in and where every kind and lovely

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quote mark“Love this office. The doctor is great and addresses all of your concerns and talks you through his findings. The front staff is also amazing, they help find the best deals and keep you updated on your order. Seriously have the best customer service around!”
– Claire

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quote mark  “I had a great experience at Lowcountry Eye Care! This was my first eye exam in a long time and first time getting glasses. Dr. Pitcavage and his team are amazing! They got me right in, I didn’t have to wait and everyone was so helpful and kind. I would definitely recommend!

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